Whether you’re a small to medium sized company with multiple employees or a sole proprietorship, if you’re looking for a firm to handle your corporate taxes, accounting, and bookkeeping, Kozacek & CO. is here for you.

  • 706: Estate Tax Return (Decedent Estate inclusive information)
  • 709: Gift Tax Return
  • 990: Exempt Organization Return
  • 1041: Estate or Fiduciary Return (Estate income and Trust income)
  • 1065: Partnerships (includes LLC if formed by at least two different individuals, taxed to the partners not usually the partnership)
  • 1120S: Sub Chapter S corporations (normally pay no corporate taxes all goes to the shareholders)
  • 1120: Normal corporation (taxed separately)

Pricing is based on forms required, and all State returns are FREE.  Give us call today at 303-238-7930 for an appointment.
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